Kelly Hudson

Thinking back to my first pan of scrambled eggs at five years old or my first batch of chocolate brownies at the age of seven… I’ve been baking forever!
As a young girl, I’d cook and bake with my Mom, all of my Grandmothers, as well as my Grandfather. Funny, when I was five years old I remember my favorite thing to do on Saturday mornings was to watch Julia Child cook on TV. Nothing kept my attention more! Which lead my Mother to ask: “What would you like to be when you grow up?”
Without hesitation, I replied: “A Chef, An Actor and An Acrobat!”
As a child, it wasn’t unusual to see me with one of my Grands cookbooks, a book of screenplays by Tennessee Williams, or Shakespeare in tow.
Now here I am one of the biggest foodies I know. Though I love being active… I decided to forgo being an Acrobat! :)
My mission has always been to first bake with LOVE and to create my own signature pastries with my Grands foundations to build upon. The result allows me to make the most unique, delicious desserts, using the freshest ingredients without the use of preservatives.
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Our past and current clients Include:
•The Wave Restaurant- Beverly Center, Beverly Hills, CA
•Coast Restaurant- Shutters On The Beach, Santa Monica, CA
•Marmalade Cafe (Catering Menu) Santa Monica, CA
•Gibson International Real Estate- Brentwood, CA
Action Property Management- Los Angeles, CA
Azzurra, Luxury High Rise Condos- Marina del Rey, CA